Managed Work From Home

Secure Network and Connectivity
Build a taller wall with your own firewall. Protect your home network with a managed firewall that includes a secure wifi access point. This will add an additional layer of security to your home network. Make it harder for corporate data traversing your home network to be compromised.
Business-Grade Bandwidth For Your Home Office
Work as efficiently at home as you do in your office. Give your bandwidth a boost, so you can handle video calls and VoIP-based conversations. Equipped with fast and reliable internet, you can conduct smoothly without choppy interruptions.
Antivirus Protection
Keep threats at bay by deploying patches and updates to all internet-connected devices. Platforms that have antivirus software built into their operating systems are easily compromised. Our threat protection systems are guaranteed to perform at the highest level and report any possible malfunctions at the earliest onset, often before they even happen.
Clear Communications
Whether you take your office home phone home, need a new phone extension, use the “soft phone” on your computer, communicate through a mobile app on your phone – or use a combination of these options – we have you covered. We can install the best phone and messaging services possible. Our VoIP systems place and transmit calls over the internet. This allows you to enjoy other perks such as texting from your business phone number, instant messaging services, video calls and voicemail transcriptions sent right to your email.
Complimentary Support
Need help or have a question? You can contact our expert IT staff by phone for free. Wifi password reset? Cybersecurity question? Pick up the phone and contact us!

Learn how Maven IT can transform your business

Allow us to deliver turnkey technical support services to your business. With us, you’ll receive all of your IT and communication products and services in one simple, easy-to-work-with, bundle. We want to make it easy for you to operate throughout your workplace.

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