Managed IT Security

Remote Monitoring & Management
We don’t have to be in-house to always have your back. Our services are constantly monitoring and analyzing your operations to ensure there are never any glitches or malfunctions. Maven IT can perform a number of duties for your business, from patch management and hybrid cloud backup to delivering and controlling network traffic flow through all technology services offered.
Fully Managed Network
We give you complete network continuity. Allow us to fully manage your whole network—from your firewall, WiFi and switches to your email systems, phones and security cameras. We’ll make sure your entire network runs and operates as one complete unit, prioritizing voice, video and data appropriately. You’ll have a secure and integrated network without the hassles and headaches. Roll your systems into one!
Antivirus, Threat Protection
Even the best system can’t function safely, like it’s supposed to, without a trusted antivirus software to protect it. Our threat protection systems are guaranteed to perform at the highest level and to report any possible malfunctions that may pop up. We’ll establish the necessary firewalls to monitor and control all incoming and outgoing network traffic, providing you with multilayered protection.
Internet Connectivity
Allow us to provide your business with the optimal bandwidth solution utilizing different types of Internet connectivity from multiple providers. Our solutions utilize different connectivity types, from cable and fiber, to DSL and LTE. Let us seamlessly manage your backup connectivity as well, so that your business never experiences costly downtime.
Free Phone Support
Need help? Phone support is always included! Firewall rule change? WiFi password reset? Antivirus question? All free. All the time. Just contact us!

Learn how Maven IT can transform your business

Allow us to deliver turnkey technical support services to your business. With us, you’ll receive all of your IT and communication products and services in one simple, easy-to-work-with, bundle. We want to make it easy for you to operate throughout your workplace.

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