Managed Connectivity

Quality Broadband Solutions

Our network encompasses best-in-class carriers only. We will negotiate the best package for your unique business needs, lowering your broadband access costs while improving signal, speed, capacity, redundancy and quality. Whether a wifi hotspot, backup connection, secure network or powerful streaming capabilities, we’ve got you covered. Wave goodbye to disconnections, drop offs and buffering.

Fast and Reliable Internet

Your business needs to compete in the digital age. Fast and reliable internet is a mandatory prerequisite. We will pair you with reliable, industry-leading service providers to deliver optimal speed, prices, coverage and data for your business. We have a variety of options spanning fiber, coax, satellite or LTE to choose from. There’s not a location in the U.S. that we cannot service.

Five-Star Service, Guaranteed

Receive outstanding customer support from our team of experienced IT and telecommunications professionals. We are always here for you. Have a question? Complimentary phone support is included with all Maven IT packages.

A Fortified Network

Adding a firewall is a great way to safeguard your connectivity and network. We will actively monitor your broadband performance and collect diagnostic data, so that performance issues are quickly identified, addressed and resolved, often before they even happen. Eliminate the stress of dealing with various providers and the headache of internal corporate politics by dealing with one professional point of contact like Maven IT. Our speciality is building and protecting strong networks.


Learn how Maven IT can transform your business

Allow us to deliver turnkey technical support services to your business. With us, you’ll receive all of your IT and communication products and services in one simple, easy-to-work-with, bundle. We want to make it easy for you to operate throughout your workplace.

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