7 Reasons to Hire Maven IT Instead of a General Contractor or Internet Service Provider

Business Grade Benefits with Better Phones and Internet

Real Results 

When you partner with Maven IT, you have access to a department of skilled IT experts for a fraction of the cost.  Set up your in-store technology — from low voltage wiring to fast wifi, a secure network infrastructure and everything in between — the right way from the start.


Quality Matters

We are certified IT professionals who provide and manage any and all services that touch your network, and the network itself.  Consider working with us for your Low-Voltage Wiring and Managed Wifi needs.  The level of service and quality we can provide compared to a general contractor is second to none.


Don’t Get Your Low-Voltage Wires in a Bunch

We will professionally install all of your low-voltage wiring in an organized, professional fashion while adhering to best-in-class security standards.  Let us pros handle the technology, so you can focus on what matters most — running your business.


Business-Grade Benefits with Better Phones and Internet

You can significantly upgrade your internet’s service and capabilities when you hire Maven IT instead of a General Contractor or Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Compared to working directly with an ISP, you:

  • Get access to better deals, discounts and promotions
  • Don’t have to purchase anything from a bundle
  • Have corporate-grade service and support with free replacements
  • Get more secure internet; separate guest and store networks and a free splash page for your guest wifi network


Right Sized for Your Store

We size access points that are custom to your store location, so that you receive optimal coverage and appropriate signal strength for your specific store.  We even handle security updates, so your business stays protected.  


Fast, Reliable, Secure Managed Wifi 

Our network encompasses best-in-class carriers only.  We will negotiate the best package for your unique business needs, lowering your broadband access costs while improving signal, speed, capacity, redundancy and quality.


Professional Standards 

Maven IT provides business-grade phones and internet that come with premium corporate benefits, such as free auto attendant, commercial phone numbers and custom splash pages for your guest wifi networks. 


Use the experts for your store internet and phone needs, not an ISP or general contractor. We look forward to adding you to the list of successful franchisees that use Maven IT for all of their technology needs. 

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