Rebooting Your Business in a Post-Pandemic Economy

Reboot Your Business

With lockdowns loosening and restrictions lifting, many area businesses are forging ahead into a new, unprecedented economic landscape. 

Changing, uncertain conditions will require businesses to pivot quickly. Prepare your business for what lies ahead by taking these crucial actions now. 

Have a “Work From Home” Strategy 

With remote technology and virtual collaboration tools, it’s easier for employees to work at home than ever before. No productivity loss? No problem! Well, there is one thing to consider: How secure employees’ home networks are. Corporate data could inadvertently but easily leak from someone’s home network. Managed “Work From Home” IT packages allow businesses to manage their network, voice, internet and devices securely and efficiently while employees work remotely. Consider equipping employees with firewalls, business-grade bandwidth, antivirus protection and reliable communication systems. Whether workers are on site or at home, company operations should never skip a beat. 

Secure Your Network

Safeguard your network operations against glitches and malfunctions. Remote monitoring ensures your network is running optimally. Patch management, hybrid cloud backup, controlling network traffic flow are all important aspects of a well managed network. 

Upgrade Communications Technology and Hardware

Take this time to upgrade your communications technology and hardware. Is your business email supported through a managed platform? Are you using a premier virtual collaboration system like Microsoft Teams? Do you have a flexible VoIP solution for your business phone that allows you to perform business texting? Let’s talk about hardware. Is your desk phone easy to use? Does it mirror a smartphone design? Do you have a soft phone on your computer? Do you have IP cameras onsite so that you can monitor physical office locations when you’re not there? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to upgrade. Communication is critical to success, especially now.

Ready for a business reboot? Let’s charge your company for success.

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