The New Rules of Working From Home

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WFH Tips from Our Expert IT Staff 

Our team of IT experts shares the best WFH tips, tricks, hacks and considerations for remote employees. From at-home security checks, network boosts, how to stack daily habits and more, the new rules of working from home will power you through the pandemic and beyond. We’re all in this together while we’re staying apart. 

While working remotely slashes commuting time, affording more personal time, there are some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid. Maven IT Service Desk Engineer Audrey Nguyen recommends keeping a morning routine even though you aren’t physically leaving your home. “It’s easier to have a positive, professional mentality for the day,” she explains.


Audrey's WFH Station

Maven IT Service Desk Engineer Audrey Nguyen’s remote workspace.


Physical activity and movement is important, too. For all of you “cool cats and kittens” out there, Service Desk Engineer Ian Ray recommends getting up and stretching your legs every once in a while.


Ian's WFH Station

Maven IT Service Desk Engineer Ian Ray’s remote workspace.


A designated space in the house that is not used for anything else can help minimize distractions. Charlie Aldis, Maven IT’s EVP of Sales and Marketing, has a coffee machine in his basement office, so he doesn’t have to run upstairs for a fresh cup. “If I go upstairs, I will end up in a conversation with my wife, or start putting dishes away.”

He also adheres to a set schedule. Part of his routine includes updating devices and deploying security patches as soon as they’re available. ”You are significantly less susceptible to hacking efforts when your devices are up to date on patching and updates. Using third-party remote monitoring and management software ensures that all security updates and patches are applied as they are released.”


Charlie's WFH Station

Maven IT EVP of Sales and Marketing Charlie Aldis’s remote workspace.


Maven IT Founder and CEO Aaron McCarthy suggests prioritizing internet connectivity and boosting efficiency through proper bandwidth, especially for those who have a multi-screen WFH setup.


Aaron's WFH Station

Maven IT Founder and CEO Aaron McCarthy’s remote workspace.


He encourages employees who are working from home to consider their at-home security. “All of your neighbors have the same modem from residential providers, such as Comcast, AT&T, WOW and the like. These modems can be easily hacked through the wifi they are emitting and by the nature of being connected to major carrier networks. Protect your home network by placing a firewall behind your internet service provider’s modem. This adds an additional layer of security for your home network”. 


Is your data as secure at home as it is at your office?

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