Remote Work Options During COVID-19: A Message From Our CEO

A Message From Our Founder and CEO

Our Founder and CEO, Aaron McCarthy, sent the following letter to Maven IT customers about remote work options available to your business during the COVID-19 situation.

Dear Valued Maven IT Customer:

As a purveyor of leading IT and technology services, we’re committed to helping you seamlessly transition your business to a successful remote operation.  Although our top priority during the COVID-19 situation is the well being of our customers and employees, we also realize this health situation has been disruptive to many businesses across the globe.  We are here to support you through this.

Through your current Maven IT service package, you already have the capability and tools to allow your workforce to successfully work remotely.  Here are some ways you can leverage Maven IT’s offerings to establish a remote infrastructure for your business:

  • Voice – Use the remote app on your cell phone or computer, or take your desk phone home with you.  If you move your desk phone to a different location, please notify Maven IT, so that we can change the 911 address on your phone.
  • Network – If you have a Maven IT firewall, you can set up a virtual private network (VPN) to solidify a secure remote connection that safeguards your company.  Your employees will be able to digitally access the company data they need through your local servers rather than public internet transmission.
  • IT – Our remote monitoring and management capabilities ensure that you have appropriate support for your technology issues whenever you need it.  Our support team can remotely access your PCs wherever they are located to resolve any problems that may occur.
  • IP Cameras – Keep an eye on your physical company location.  Monitor from a distance to make sure things remain safe at your place of work.
  • Office 365 – Use Microsoft Teams for voice and video calls, desktop sharing and instant messaging or chat.

Free phone support is included with all Maven IT packages.  If you have any questions about providing teleworking options for your employees, please call (248) 781-4711.

Our very best,
Aaron McCarthy, Founder and CEO


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