Vitamin IT is Here to Keep Viruses at Bay

Chuck Norris Got a Computer Virus and it died by Maven IT.

Sickness, shots and medical masks. Flu season is here! To combat a cold or flu, you wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, cover your mouth when you cough and load up on the homemade chicken noodle soup and orange juice. There are protective measures you can take to ensure that your computer and tech devices don’t fall prey to nasty viruses, either.

Antivirus Software

No matter how carefully you browse or use your devices, you need antivirus protection to ward off threats like malware, security breaches and performance issues. Maven IT’s threat protection systems perform at the highest level, guaranteed. Whether a small bug or a nasty virus, you can stop the sickness before it happens. 

Multilayered protection

Give your network the immune boost it needs. Multiple precautions are key to prevention. In addition to installing antivirus software, you’ll want to set up and configure firewalls to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic for optimal security and prevention.

Network Surveillance

A healthy dose of Vitamin IT will keep viruses and other threats at bay. Our team of experienced professionals will proactively monitor and analyze your operations to avoid glitches and malfunctions. Patch management, hybrid cloud backup and controlled network traffic flow are just what the doctor ordered.

Ready to zap those bugs? Let’s give your network an immune-boost.

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