3 Ways to Instantly Secure Your Company’s Data and Devices 

Love it when you call me big data

Big Poppa, Big Data…same difference?! These are the top tasks you should perform now to ensure your company’s data and devices remain notoriously secure. 

Have a Plan B 

A secure cloud server allows you to backup any and all company data, so that you can easily restore systems if needed. Investing in a Managed Cloud Server and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) will equip your business with firewall, WiFi and switches to email systems, phones and security cameras. It’s a great way to be proactive. 

Take Note of Device Logs

Every internet-connected device on your company’s network creates a log for the processes it utilizes to run effectively. By reviewing these logs you can uncover and address potential vulnerabilities before they become an issue. Sound complicated and tedious? Turn it over to an experienced IT firm like Maven IT that offers proactive remote monitoring through a comprehensive Managed Network offering.  

Consider How Your Biz Connects to the Cloud 

Ensure that the way your business leverages the cloud, whether for company email or backing up important company information, is secure. Take stock of how your business is building and growing. Your cloud infrastructure should be flexible and secure enough to accommodate your growth. Audit remote access technologies to see how you’re measuring up. Encryption strength, available security controls and governance policies are the details to know and check. 

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