How to Fax From Your Phone: Not Your Grandma’s Fax

It’s almost 2020 – let’s talk fax! Not just any fax – but next-generation digital fax. With Cyber Monday becoming “Cyber Week” and taking over the traditional brick and mortar “Black Friday” experience, it’s time to take your communications digital. ALL of them.  We’re not about to leave faxing behind. 

With cybersecurity attacks and costly data breaches on the rise for small businesses, email is not always the most secure way to communicate. Digital fax offers the ability to send and receive information securely, privately and confidentially. 

With a premier next-gen digital fax solution, you don’t need a bulky machine. You don’t need to stand by waiting for an important document to physically come through. You can send and receive faxes using your mobile phone, email, our web portal or through a tried-and-true fax bridge, if you insist. Pick your poison! Jokes aside, we offer a quality solution that is simply no match for your grandma’s fax machine. 

The benefits of Maven IT’s Digital Fax:

  • Encrypted document exchange 
  • Smart features, such as intuitive search capability 
  • Automatic cloud storage and routine backups  

The platform is:

  • Cloud based and backed by Google’s security model
  • User friendly and responsive in design
  • Accessible and very easy to use on the fly 

Interested in learning more? 

Safeguard your business communications with digital fax today. 

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