3 Ways to Perfect Your Business Voice Strategy

Communication is the heartbeat of any business. Your company relies on communication with customers and prospects to survive. It’s your lifeline to profits. 

Did you know that 75% of customers still think calling is the best way to get a fast response from a company? 

Whether you’re a quick-serve restaurant, business-to-business enterprise or consumer-facing retailer, your ability to exchange information matters. 

Is voice part of your business strategy? 

To get the most miles out of a voice solution, it should have the following “it factors”: 


Lifelike Collaboration Through State-of-the Art Technology

Invest in a phone system that can be wifi-enabled. Your conversations will feel like they’re happening in person even though they’re over the phone. Caller ID, extension dialing and common directory coupled with advanced features like rapid call handling and industry-leading acoustic clarity will enable powerful connections. 

Remarkable User Experiences 

Many of the business phones on today’s market are cumbersome, clunky and confusing. Look for a phone that has a simple, sleek user interface — similar to your smartphone — so that using advanced phone features to connect your organization is second nature. 

Only Pay For What You Need 

When selecting a phone plan, make sure to look for a premier hosted offering and flexible provider. Maven IT offers a leading hosted solution in addition to both unlimited and metered plans to best fit your company’s specific needs and budget. You’ll also want to look for a provider, like Maven, that can deploy solutions quickly, so you get up and running hassle free and without interruption.

Ready to whip your phone system into shape? Let’s chat!  



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