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Maven IT Password Protection

Your passwords are the keys to your kingdom.  They guard your business intelligence, from customer data to trade secrets and operational know-how.  Are your passwords strong enough to safeguard your information security?  In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Maven IT is sharing tips to help businesses step up their cybersecurity measures, password game included.

Add These Passwords to Your “Do Not Ever Use” List

These passwords were among SplashData’s 2018 Top 100 Worst Passwords.  If you’re using any of these, for your own safety, change them STAT!  These passwords are weak, easy to guess and widely used.  Minimize your chance of being hacked by avoiding these at all costs.

Maven IT Password Protection

Upgrade Your Password to a Passphrase

There are many benefits to using a passphrase rather than a simple password.  What exactly is a passphrase? A passphrase is commonly known as a password that is long, unique and something you’re more apt to remember than random numbers, letters and symbols.  Although, it can include numbers, letters and symbols. 

Passphrase example: 


Passphrases make it harder for malicious attackers to hack your systems.  Many high-powered password cracking tools used by hackers break down around 10 characters.  A longer passphrase = maximum security. In addition, passphrases easily meet complex rules requirements and most major operating systems and applications support them. 

Invest in a Password Manager

Cybercriminals are savvier than ever, leveraging a variety of strategies to attack systems through password hacking.  Password spraying, credential stuffing and brute-force attacks are a few such tactics. 

Safeguard and insulate your business from attacks with a password manager.  This service is ideal for businesses who store their company data on internet-connected devices, such as computers, phones and tablets.  Maven IT’s password manager provides the following services: 

  • Creates strong passwords and passphrases 
  • Securely stores all credentials 
  • Configures vaults based on role, expertise and seniority 
  • Grants and/or revokes access with one click 
  • Automatically captures new credentials 
  • Expires passwords and passphrases 
  • Analyzes and reports on password strength 
  • Audit capabilities available for compliance requirements 

Ready to protect your biz and dominate the password game? 

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